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Music Producer . Dj . Soundtrack Composer

Afterclapp is a creative metamorphosis of music producer and DJ Rodrigo Vellutini, driven by his long-standing desire to test boundaries between musical styles. Exploring the infinite possibilities of Brazilian music by mixing it with unusual rhythms and sound elements.


The artist's solo project digs audio relics and adds tones of hip hop, jazz, lo-fi, soul and more to spice up the beats with a danceable grip, perfect for different types of sets and thus illustrating all the colors of the “brasilidades”.


The single “Capitão de Areia” (2018) portrays this well: with almost four million reproductions on Spotify, it transcended borders to become a hit abroad as well. The basis of the single was a record from the 1960s, abandoned in history for fifty years and remixed with a refreshing beat - a perfect translation of Afterclapp’s fundamentals.


Going on tour in Europe and Asia alongside the Black Box team materialized this bridge with different audiences and cultures, through shows in Spain, Holland, Germany, Portugal, Belgium and Indonesia, in events that mix art and music.


The musical trajectory motivated by the desire to create began more than a decade ago, when, in 2010, he founded the project “Shaka” alongside DJ Gustavo Caram. The concept of producing regrooves and remixes of hits from MPB and funk & soul from the 70s astounded and opened doors in brazilian nightclubs and renowned festivals, such as Koala Festival, Universo Paralello and Tribaltech until the release of his solo project. Afterclapp has shared stage with great artists. Criolo, Tom Zé, Marcelo D2, Bexiga 70, Mano Brown, Milton Nascimento, Gilberto Gil appear among the names.


Versatile, as a soundtrack designer he twice won the award for "Best Soundtrack" by the MIMPI Surf Film Festival in his musical selection for the films "Um Filme de Surfe" and "Mais um Filme de Surfe", by director Bruno Zanin.


From original music to the union with musicians, bands and instrumentalists, Afterclapp seeks his next projects to explore the unexpected chasing new sounds and musical explorations.

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